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Close your eyes and think of the fall. What comes to mind? Gorgeous leaves, apple cider and fresh pumpkins, maybe? Reds, golds, oranges and rich browns are the classic fall colors — and the inspiration for our favorite fall nail trends. You can wear these colors with nearly anything and for any occasion. here are our picks for nail colors and press-ons that are fashionable and, of course, budget friendly.

Fall Nail Trends: 2 Colors 

1. Deep Orange

Playing Koi By Essie, $8.75, Walmart

This deep orange is romantic and best for fall. It reminds us everything orange — pumpkin pie, sweet potato pie, candy corn. Orange is a cousin to our a lot more neutral palettes, so spice up your look with a sweater and fitted corduroys. add in this deep orange nail color, and you’ll have a pulled-together, fall ensemble.

2. Matte Red

From season to season, the reds step from light to dark, from shiny to matte. but red is always a color that demands attention. NYC has us swooning for this fall’s red — a deep, dark matte that leaves a smooth, flat finish and mysterious glow.

This particular matte line of polishes boasts a larger brush for quicker color applications. The best choice for the busy, yet glamorous lady.  Find NYC nail color at Walmart or Target.

Press-on Nails With a fall Twist

Behind Closed Doors, $13.99, Nailhur

Nailhur produces fashionable, re-usable press-ons. You can shop for nails by size and style. Options include various shapes — squares, squarelttos, oval and stilettos — plus a range of colors and textures.

The set shown above, “Behind Closed Doors,” gets you in the spirit of Halloween, right?  A stunning orange-and-black combo plus the cheetah nail accent adds a special flavor to this nail set.

And we love the $13.99 price tag, considering that nails like these can cost up to $50 at the salon. Most of the Nailhur nail sets are available for $13.99, but you can auto-order them at a rate of $9.93 per month.

Kiss impress nails have a gel manicure look to them, and we love the rich plum colors and fall leaves accents of this set. It’s a special take on the fall manicure that we haven’t seen yet. another fun detail about these nails is that you don’t need glue. The nails already have adhesive on them, so there’s no mess during application and no leftover residue after you take them off.

Which of these fall nail trends is your favorite? let us know below!

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