There’s a lot of cheap private label umbrella alternatives, however when you need an umbrella that matches the quality of your brand, you require CEOgolfshop custom umbrella’s, manufactured to our spec by Windbrella. With the top quality of a Mercedes (a consumer), we have a full line of luxe umbrella options from fashion with rounded manage to the well-known golf umbrella.

With even more selections than ever, you can place your hotel, coastline, hotel, or popular golf opening picture on the within or beyond your umbrella. Create a collection or use a solitary photo. Make use of a solitary shade for the contrary side, or multiple colors.

The choice is your own. Windbrella is well-known for their internationally trademarked top quality, and all include a life time maker warranty.

Unanticipated rain? What sort of experience do you desire your guests to remember? A cheaply made umbrella that set you back a great deal in your present store or pro shop, or a well made umbrella that they’ll love? Starting with grasp and also the auto open whoosh, our umbrella’s will quickly make a positive perception with your resort as well as hotel guests. The picture you choose will add a life time of memories.

I still use my very first Windbrella, a gift from over 12 years ago, and also have fond memories of my kids and also I in downpour fusing under it, in addition to the initial event in which I got it. The logo on that umbrella? It’s from a charitable, Jr Success of South Florida, and I’m a regular fan.

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