how to dress when you are pregnant?

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Hello Mesdames,

Long time no seen!

I have been very busy in Paris and then (very busy) sunbathing in île de ré, with what my friends call my “beach smoking suit”

I wasn’t sure what to talk about for my comeback and then saw in the comments a reader from Italy asking me ideas on how to be stylish when pregnant.

So let’s see!

1. stay true to yourself

You are a rock gal, be a pregnant rock gal. You are a boyish girl? then keep your jeans on. Ladylike? keep dressing pretty, etc.


Then the keyword is STRUCTURE: that will prevent you from like a boring jersey mountain

For that you can do all the following:

2. Layer

The best way is to add an open top over you dress or T-shirt.

Its vertical lines will structure your outfit.

You can use a perfecto, a masculine blazer, a fluid jacket, a kimono, a cosy cardigan, etc.

Its color should be different from the one underneath (black leather on black cotton works too though). otherwise it won’t work.

Isabella Oliver

Found on stylecaster

Unknown (probably a brand. If you know please tell)

Found on refinery 29

3. Accessorize

With your belly, your upper part can end up looking like a big block of the same color.

Therefore accessories are a big plus to structure your look.

Scarf, necklace, belt, etc.

Miroslava Duma

Found on Oh baby chic


4. define the waist

A good way to add some structure in your outfit when it is too hot to wear any layer.

– Above the bump

A classic.

It can be used at the beginning of your pregnancy to say “hey, yes I am indeed pregnant”.

My chic bump


The little blond book

Love Taza

Girl with curves

This super classic “I am a motherhood goddess” dress works because of the empire cut.

– Under the bump

Mainly refers to wearing a top with pants

It is more tricky because it will make your belly really stand out.

But it is a good solution for those who like more rock looks.

My advices would be:

– choose some loose tops if you wear them without anything on top

Cleverly yours

Quality rivets

– add a jacket or whatever if you wear tight tops

Girl with curves

5. show off your legs

Bare legs, thighs, skinny (maternity) pants, it all works.

Perfect to avoid looking like a tent when wearing a top/dress with undefined waist.

9 to 5 chic

Miroslava Duma

Quality rivets

Although be careful, if the dress IS too wide, you’ll still look like a tent, even if you are some famous model or if you wear some very expensive designer outfit.

Hope you grabbed some ideas for your maternity style.

Please share your own tips in the comments!

Bises de Paris


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