Today’s Pattern story (and sale): Butterick 5832

Yes, it is a great day. Isn’t it?

Yes, I am delighted that I came out to the club with you as well as “the boys”.

Yes, it’s great to get out of the office as well as do a bit informal business.

Yes, I’m a great sport not to be angered that they wouldn’t let me golf. Or wear trousers. Or drive the golf cart. Or sit in the dining room. Or park my cars and truck in the auto parking lot. Or are available in the front door.

Yes, Danny’s a riot. absolutely a scream. That joke about women lawyers? That need to always have them in stitches at his firm.

Yes, I do make a excellent cup of coffee. That *is* one of my lots of exceptional work qualifications, in addition to being editor of the legislation evaluation as well as my ultimate Court clerkship.

Yes, I am imagining you all dying of large coronaries as you grunt as well as smoke as well as drink as well as make unnecessary comments about my ass. (Yes, I can hear you.)

No, I didn’t state that last thing out loud.


Today’s pattern is from MOMSPatterns … as well as Jen is having a sale! She has a lot more than 400 clearance patterns under $5, as well as they’re 75% off THAT with the code ‘bigsale’ up until April 5. as well as she’s throwing in 15% off all other patterns for the month of April  just for gown A  Day visitors (no foolin’!). utilize the code ‘sewingbasket’.

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