Money, fame as well as free templates

There is a fresh new neighborhood of t shirt styles that take motivation from hip hop as well as the street way of life in general called R U Reppin. You go there as well as you can criticize, comment on other people’s work, put you own styles to the test of the cruel public, vote as well as be voted or get free templates. If you win as well as your prints get to stick on a t shirt then you get $500 for every design utilized . moreover you will get $2 a tshirt in the very first 30 days as well as $1 a tshirt for the next 30 to 60 days. What is even higher is that a few of the revenue will go towards a extremely admirable cause, assisting the boys as well as women of America Clubs among other. The youth of today will therefore be motivated as well as assisted establish as well as perfect their talents as well as dreams. There is no reason not to go to their site as well as see what they are all about. only 17 tshirt styles up until now, however a look at the ones in contest will persuade you that they are right here to stay. See for yourself you possible free templates:

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