Mailing It In

This is one of the chic-est mail purchase patterns I’ve seen:

I mean, look at the sunglasses, as well as the jaunty collar, as well as the nonchalant hands in the pockets! She doesn’t seem to mind whatsoever that she’s thirty feet tall! as well as the townswoman looking on in awe seems quite cool, too, as well as totally unafraid of being stomped on.

My preferred thing about mail-order patterns is the metadata on the envelope — I like the name as well as address, as well as the postmark, as well as the info about what newspaper (sometimes) it was purchased from. It personalizes it. I like to believe about Mrs. Whoever somebody sitting at the kitchen area table, in her housedress with a cup of coffee, as well as clipping out the pattern purchase type as well as sending it in full of huge plans for a new dress.

This huge lady set out this morning to go grocery shopping, as well as then at the last minute stated “the heck with choosing up a gallon of milk” as well as headed off to the regional art museum. after that she’s going to sit out on the yard with a book as well as a picnic, as well as if she gets around to it, she’ll pick up some milk at the deli before the youngsters get house from school.

I’ve only stitched up a couple of mail-order patterns, however I hoard them like crazy. In my mind they always odor somewhat of strong coffee, whether they truly do or not.

This pattern is on sale best now — Jen at MOMSPatterns is having a sale on all mail-order patterns, 50% off!


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