Seen last week on the Collette Patterns blog:

The tone-on-tone of this is truly gorgeous. (Click on the picture to go to the blog as well as see a full-length view.) I would like to see something such as this on a non-princessy wedding event dress, state a basic silk sheath in cream with cream roses along the midsection as well as hem in taffeta or even organza.

While I’m at Colette’s blog, I would like to point out exactly how adorable these bit bias-tape bows are. Adorable!

And speaking of embellishments, I *think* I saw just recently a gown with a heart on it, where the heart was made from random sizes of heart-shaped buttons. Does that noise familiar to anyone? Or did I just make it up?

(The gown itself is offered here, as well as it’s a larger size, too!)

Thanks to Kathleen for the link!

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