If I Were A Betting lady

I desire there were some type of carry for betting whether specific gowns will appear at awards shows. I suppose there’s some type of issue with it (e.g., enterprising starlets might back a specific designer as well as then make a killing by just using the right dress) however it would be a great deal more fun than fantasy football, in my opinion.

If there were such an animal, I’d put my money on this J. Mendel gown. Jewelry-friendly neckline, fascinating color/pattern, as well as you might really eat a few of those cocktail-hour canapés in it, no? 

I’d like to see this with extremely strappy, extremely high bronze (or copper) platform sandals. as well as a matching clutch. however no sapphires; as well matchy-matchy. increased gold, maybe? Opals would be more interesting. (Does anyone else believe the superstition that purchasing an opal for yourself is poor luck? I would be draped in opals if I didn’t believe this, I swear.)

You understand who would look fantastic in this? Emily Deschanel. 

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