Shirtdresses I have Not (Yet) purchased

I know the general perception is that I am cornering the market on shirtdresses, but I swear that is not true. As evidence, I present these patterns that I have not (and probably will not — probably) buy:

This one, from miss Helene’s, is really cute. I love the faux-western yoke. but I am NOT buying IT.

And this one,

Sent by Deb, and available from BootyVintage, is really elegant and sophisticated. (Probably too elegant and sophisticated for me, as those of you who know me will attest.) So it’s available to YOU!

Both TCarole and Deirdre left comments pointing out this one, which is a new vogue pattern, and so is available both at the vogue Patterns site and in major fabric stores:

And William N. pointed out this one, at Cemetarian:

Just the thing for when you can’t decide between a wrap dress and a shirtdress.

So, see? I haven’t bought the ALL. There’s plenty left for you guys!

[Update: but that Butterick 7373 at vintage Martini? Was already sold! Sob.]

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