NY fashion Week: Kenneth Cole fall 2006

So this is one of the first dresses shown for fall 2006, from the Kenneth Cole show. It might be a long, cold winter, folks.

Now, I understand the appeal of this. look how flowy and easy it is! check out the graceful neck, and the closefitting shoulders — I think narrow, natural shoulderlines are always elegant. And, of course — pockets!

However, for most of us, I’m afraid, this falls into the Don’t try This At Home. trust me — I’ve made several variations on this kind of dress, tempted by the flowy and the easy, but unless I accessorize with, oh, another eighteen inches in height, it just looks tenty, not flowy. It’s also hard for most women to wear a line that cuts directly across the high bust without it creating odd bulges.

I also never understand why so many day dresses for fall and winter are shown with sandals. Now, I’ve heard tell there are some places where the winter temperatures never fall below my age, and that people actually live there, but seriously — as long as you’re going to show something like this, you might as well go all the way 80s and throw in some high-heeled ankle boots, right? 80s frizzy updo is optional.

There’s a lot more of fashion Week yet to come. thank goodness.

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