Another Duro report from the field

Caroline in LA sends in her interpretation of McCalls 5137, taking the photo outside in her back yard, according to tradition. Doesn’t it look fab? She’s unsure exactly how much she’ll wear it, since her silk [turned out to be] polyester (I dislike it when that happens, however sometimes a store clerk will get huffy about me trying to set their material on fire — strictly to test material content, I guarantee you — so I’ve been taken in by the poly masquerading as silk before). I like the necklace, as well — I believe it’s the perfect length for this neckline. I made one just that length, only in orange (I know, the orange thing is getting out of hand) to wear with mine.

I understand a great deal of you have asked to see this on a genuine Life person (and Caroline definitely is, or else AI has advanced TREMENDOUSLY in recent months) as well as so I hope this helps. I’ll still try to get somebody to take a photo of me on one of the days that I’ll be using my versions this week … like today. So if you see somebody in this dress, wandering around Midtown today, that’s most likely me, or somebody who dedicated an act of violence to acquire stated dress. Either way, stop that person as well as state “hi,” okay?

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