How To Do Eye makeup For a Caramel Eye look

Fascinated by the look you see, ditch the blacks and the white stencil eyeliners for now and let’s make the monsoon evenings caramelish with reddish-brown colors for the eyes, shall we! The look is versatile and can be worn by college-goers, corporate women and socialites too. keeping it minimal Camiseta Sevilla FC and trendy is the goal here, and matching it with pink hot lips, red colors or plum shades for the lips, would be the apt way to make heads turn, wherever you go!
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Here are ten steps on how to get the caramel eyes, and you wouldn’t need to spend a lot more than twenty minutes on the same.
Eye makeup For Caramel Camiseta Paris Saint-Germain Eye Look
Source: pinterest.comStep 1 – Cleansing The Face
Cleanse the face with a herbal cleanser and wash it under running cold water. now use a herbal toner and wait for a minute. finally if you have dry skin, use a moisturizer and let it set.
Source: pinterest.comStep 2 – remove Excess Moisturiser
Use a wet wipe to remove excess moisturizer after Camiseta Watford FC a minute. Dab some matte foundation onto the face, the forehead and the cheeks. use your fingers to apply the foundation on the contours of your forehead, the cheek, under the eyelids, the nose sides, the rims of the lips, and do not neglect the back of the ears and the neck too. With a soft sponge, dab the foundation evenly so as to bring about a smooth blend.

Source: pinterest.comStep 3
Let’s start with the eyes. use a white highlighter for the brow area, and dab a little shade there. blend it into the brow and allow it to rest.
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Source: pinterest.com[sc:mediad]
Step 4
Use a very light shade of brown and apply it on the socket of the upper eyelid, blending it outwards first to the outer corner of the eye and then inwards, culminating at the inner corner of the eye, for both eyes. continue reading on how to do eye makeup for a caramel eye look.

Source: pinterest.comStep 5
Now use a brown stencil to line the upper lash line. One stroke is enough as of now
Source: pinterest.comStep 6
Use two strokes of the same brown stencil liner and apply it on the lower lash line.

Source: pinterest.comStep 9
Get the brown stencil back and apply one last coat for the upper lash and the lower lash; a gentle stroke for the lash lines on both eyes is enough.
Source: pinterest.comStep 10
Complete the look with pink, peach or red hot lips. first apply a line on the outer rims of the lips, and then fill in with the help of a brush. In the middle of the lips, apply a little white shimmer and blend it with the lipstick or lip gloss, to bring about a pouty look- Marilyn Monroe style.
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Source: pinterest.comFinally, with the help of rose water, a very fine sprinkle must be sprayed on the face, which helps seal the look.
Additional ideas for a Caramel Eye Makeup
If you would like to make the lower water line and lash lines a little a lot more red, please make sure that the lips are kept matte and not shimmery or glossy. The goal is to compliment every feature on the face and not have a riot of colours.
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We hope you liked the ideas given on how to get caramel eyes for an evening out with the girls.
Minimal and trendy, sensual as well, why would you want to overdo the shimmer and shine while it rains out there, when less is more, even when it pertains to using makeup on the face!

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