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If you’re anything like me, you’ll jump at any type of offer to get complimentary stuff for your home. I hate to believe of usable things being thrown out. Consequently, my home is furnished with all sorts of second-hand furniture – from household hand-me-downs to junk shop finds. I even spotted an old couch left out with someone’s trash as well as saved it from landfill by giving it a new house in my living space (with the owner’s authorization of course)!

The issue with recycling things like sofas as well as chairs is although they may be comfortable as well as have plenty of life left in them, they’re commonly covered in truly awful upholstery. As much as I love being green, I likewise want my house to look good. This is why I believe slipcovers are a excellent innovation. They’re best for hiding unattractive or worn upholstery as well as for coordinating mismatched furniture.

Admittedly, when I very first tried to cover my couch, I believed I’d be thrifty as well as make my own covers, however after factoring in the expense of material as well as the time it would take me (as well as my restricted sewing skills), I decided it’d be cheaper to get a readymade slipcover. Mass-produced slipcovers likewise look a great deal much better than anything I might make myself! Although not made from recycled materials, I do believe they are a greener alternate to buying new furniture. Every slipcover utilized helps keep a couch out of landfill by extending its lifespan. The environmental effect of replacing a sofa need to be considerable, when you believe about the energy included in production, shipment as well as disposal.

The great news is that some sure Fit slipcovers are now made from 100% organic cotton, making them even a lot more eco-friendly. obviously the traditional cotton market is accountable for a quarter of worldwide pesticide use. With boosting environmental awareness, I hope the pattern towards eco-friendly slipcovers will continue to grow as well as organic fabrics for house decorating will ended up being a lot more commonly available.

One-size-fits-all slipcovers are designed to fit most furniture, however as there’s no such thing as a standard-size couch as well as old sofas come in all shapes as well as sizes, it’s worth knowing a few fit tips. My top idea to keep a slipcover in location is to utilize old magazines. If you roll them up as well as put rubber bands round them, you can stick them down the gaps round the seat to keep the cover smooth as well as stop it becoming untucked. Old blankets or towels come in handy too. You can utilize them to add padding to narrow or wooden arms, or anywhere a slipcover is as well loose. You can likewise repair them over leather or vinyl upholstery before fitting a slipcover over the top, to stop it from slipping.

By using slipcovers you can quickly bring a touch of style to your recycled furniture. They are a great eco-friendly option for the eco-minded homemaker decorating on a budget.

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